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Additional Services

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Engine Bay Detail


Take your vehicle's detail a step further with an engine bay detail. It will make a night and day difference and keep your engine's components clean and protected from sun fade.

A meticulous yet careful detail followed up by a UV protectant applied on all rubber and plastics.

(Please note: the vehicle's battery will be unplugged)

Fabric Sealant


The fabric surfaces of your interior are coated with a liquid repellant that creates a hydrophobic surface for long-lasting protection.


Shampoo Service


Dirty carpets and seats can make a huge difference in the feel and look of your vehicle's interior. Whether it's a work truck or a minivan, this service will bring new life to your interior.

All floor carpets, (carpeted) floor mats, and cloth seats will receive a deep clean. 

Leather Conditioning & Protection


Sun fade and cracking are common with leather interiors from dry heat and sun exposure and just age itself. Treating the leather will prolong its life and look.

All leather areas will be cleaned and conditioned to rehydrate and protect the material.

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